AFGMC Projects

By making a charitable contribution to AFGMC, you are having a direct impact on the important work being done at Galilee Medical Center. Past projects made possible by generous AFGMC donors include at Indoor Playground for pediatric patients and the renovation of the Pediatric Surgery Department. 

The Indoor Playground is now a critical part of the hospitals pediatric wing, as pediatric patients are often unable to use the hospital’s outdoor playground for fear of possible infections. The Indoor Playground and its use of safe, specialized, interactive flooring is critical to the healing process of Galilee Medical Center’s youngest patients.
This project was generously supported by the Jewish Federation of Omaha and the Iranian American Jewish Federation of New York.

The renovation of the Pediatric Surgery Department supports AFGMC’s Supporting Healing Environments initiative. This renovation was necessary in order to replace dreary outdated hospital wards with a friendly environment suitable for children, in line with modern standards and conducive to a safe, environment for healing.